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What is Korea One Ginseng

What is Korea One Ginseng

“Ginseng”a sacred plant, which has been the basis of
Oriental medicine for a long time.
Since ancient times, Korean ginseng has long been the ancestral spirit of Oriental medicine,
recorded in the expeditions written in “Geupchuipyeon(急就篇)” by “Sayu (史遊) during
JeonhanOneje Empire (前漢元帝時代 / B.C 48~33) of ancient China.

Korean ginseng has been existing in Korea, China and many countries since 4-5 thousand years ago.
Excellent efficacy for blood and energy creation among people in many countries of the West.
It is said to be effective and is still recognized for its excellence.
The Difference between Wild ginseng, Ginseng,
and Red ginseng
The difference between wild ginseng, ginseng, and red ginseng is based on the origin and processing method.
Ginseng and wild ginseng are classified according to the growth environment,
and ginseng and red ginseng are classified according to the processing method.
Ginseng is artificially cultivated and unprocessed raw ginseng. Dried ginseng and non-dried ginseng are options.
Red ginseng
The red ginseng undergoes a process of washing them in the water and steaming and drying them so that they contain less than 14% of without peeling off the skin of the ginseng. They have reduced moisture through processing of drying. This prevents microbial(bacteria, mold and microorganisms) contamination and reduce volume and weight, making it easy to storage and transports.
Wild ginseng
Wild ginseng is a very rare medicinal material called an elixir because it is grown in natural conditions such as geological requirement and specific condition such as the excrement of birds eating ginseng seed. That is why it is very rare. Nowadays, mountain cultivated ginseng, which is artificially sprayed with ginseng seeds in the mountain is the mainstream.