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2001 ~ 2010

Development of Korean One Ginseng
2010 09 Participated in ‘Find food Australia 2010’
  07 Acquired ISO 22000 certification
  03 Launched Chattrae series (apple, strawberry, banana, korean red ginseng) and black tea Chattraeseries (Pomegranate, Schizandra, Rubus coreanus)
2009 07 Certificate of clean workplace
  03 Participated in Guangzhou ‘Cinhoe 2009 International Food Exhibition’
2008 10 Inauguration of CEO Sung-Yong Yoon
2005 12 Started delivery of E-Mart Jinhongsam Royal Tea, Ginger Royal Tea, and Jujube Royal Tea
  12 Obtained US FDA approval (Korean ginseng tea)
  03 Patent application for Korean Red Ginseng Saengmaeksan
  02 Appointed as chairman of the Korea Ginseng Products Association
  01 Confirmed by R&D department of Korea Industrial Technology Association
2004 12 Designated as an industrial family company by Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Center
2003 03 Acquired ISO 9001
2002 11 Participated in Taiwan Market Development Team
  08 TRADE CHANNEL (Overseas Advertising)
  08 Participated in FOOD EXPO 2002 Hong Kong Fair
  08 First export of Royal Tea to Taiwan
  07 Product liability insurance (300 million won)
  07 Selected as Gyeonggi Internet Frontier Company
  05 Began exporting to Japan's Fuji Communication Sales Research Center
  03 Selected as an excellent small and medium industries product by Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
  01 Sales of Royal Tea at Korean Agriculture Fisheries Broadcasting System
2001 11 Participated in Gyeonggi General Export Consultation