Produce safely and honestly

Domestic 6years old Korean Red Ginseng
Korea One Ginseng products are produced with only good materials.
GMP certified
We are fully committed to quality control to produce high quality and safe products.
sanitary equipment
Produce honestly and safely in a clean environment.
50years of
We will do our best to develop new products with a consistent mind and persistence in quality.

To many countries,
Korean One Ginseng being exported

Korea One Ginseng is a GMP certification company with hygienic manufacturing facilities and facilities.
We are producing the best products with FDA approval and ISO 22000 certification. We are actively exporting to many countries.
Exporters: U.S., China, Japan, France, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Israel, Britain, Canada,
the Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Russia.